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    Even simpler, tested with 55.5

    ({{2}} {{4}} | {{7}})

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    Your are right when testing in the Preview zone (in address book properties), there is a leading or trailing space.

    But if you save it with my formula and edit a card, there seem to be a trim on the final value and there is no extra space.

    So my formula still does the job and stays much more simple 🙂

    Maybe a issue to fix is to also apply the final trim in the preview.
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    in reply to: LDAP are searched for all accounts #3092

    how do you restrict the LDAP account to one email account ?

    • Menu Tools > Account settings
    • Select an account > Composition & Addressing
    • Addressing > When looking up addresses
      • Use a different LDAP server
    • In global addressing preferences, disable Directory server or enable and select none. I suppose both should have the same effect.

    If you find another public LDAP server for tests, it would be nice to verify that two mail accounts connected to different LDAP servers really can find addresses in one and not the other.

    I can test that for you, but I cannot give you access to my professional LDAP server.

    in reply to: Recursive display name formula #3086

    Thank You CardBook 🙂

    I simplified it a bit and came up to:

    ({{2}}{{4}}||{{7}}|{{2}} {{4}})

    The organization only appears only when there is no given or family name.

    I guess the same would better answer the mentioned question. Even if rather old, it is still findable by the search engine.


    in reply to: LDAP are searched for all accounts #3080

    Two errors I saw in the console:

    Uncaught TypeError: MailServices is undefined

    isOutgoingMail chrome://cardbook/content/cardbookRepository.js:1766

    getCellText chrome://cardbook/content/formatEmailCorrespondents/ovl_formatEmailCorrespondents.js:163

    AbEditSelectedDirectory chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abCommon.js:283

    doCommand chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abCommon.js:205

    goDoCommand chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js:101

    oncommand chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/addressbook.xhtml:1







    TypeError: Services is undefined6 LDAPAbCardFormatter.jsm:61:3



    Not sure the first one is related to LDAP though.

    However after restarting TB, I have not been able to reproduce them.

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    in reply to: LDAP are searched for all accounts #3079

    For testing, I successfully used this test server:

    Online LDAP Test Server

    You just need to configure a new LDAP server with:

    Name: any


    Base DN: dc=example,dc=com

    Leave the rest by default

    If you are asked for, the password is: password

    Without CardBook enabled, you can search the server for the names given in the url above using the normal address book or the auto-complete in a new message.

    With CardBook enabled, there are some troubles.

    You may want to try enabling the LDAP search globally or only on one account, but don’t know if it makes any difference.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for your great job with CardBook.

    in reply to: Edit contact creates a duplicate that does not sync #3076


    Thank you. I’m pretty sure I didn’t select this option the first time as it is not selected by default, but I deleted the address book and created it again, just to be sure.

    The same contact was downloaded again from server, still with double urn:uuid:urn:uuid. Didn’t check the others.

    Problem not solved.

    So far, the only was I found to get rid of the urn:uuid:urn:uuid is to duplicate the contact.

    I exported all my 1587 contacts to .vcf files and searched them for urn:uuid. There are only 31 of them.

    So I duplicated the 31 faulty ones, deleted the original and voilà.

    Hopefully, I didn’t have to modify them all.

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