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    Si vous avez une idée du ou des contacts jetés par erreur, une autre approche serait non pas d’importer la base de données dans un autre carnet d’adresses bidon que vous créez pour l’occasion. Ensuite, il ne vous reste plus qu’à transférer les contacts jetés par erreur dans votre carnet d’adresses (le véritable), puis à jeter le carnet d’adresses bidon.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    1. I understand the customizable search preference.
    2. The search within Cardbook searching for the string “eve”.
      I will have to explore further the 50 or so contacts that are found when I search for the string “eve”. At a glance, even if I include “Geneviève”, “Bioreve”, street and city names and even personal notes (such as “I met him at this EVEnt”), there might be 5-10 names selected tops. My hunch is that the search includes hidden text such as, for example, vcard variables or data such as event start or something like that.
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    Well, the fields “Date of Birth” and “Last update” reappear after each update (or at least after the last 2 or 3 updates). So could that be your issue?

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    I received this reply by email but it is not on the forum:

    CardBook wrote:
    The URL of your addressbook is wrong (don’t know why), delete them from CardBook, then read them into CardBook


    It solved the issue.

    I use Thunderbird 58 (now 58.6; probably 58.3 or 58.4 when I installed Cardbook in January) in French, on Windows 10 French-Canadian

    In hindsight, I noticed that when I first installed Cardbook, it offered to connect to my existing address books. To which I said “Yes”. I then had access to “AddressBook” and “Adresses collectées” (lit. Collected Addresses).

    When I reconnected to the Address Book as suggested, it was called “Adresses personnelles”.

    So I wonder if on initial installation there would be some kind of translation issue, that Cardbook would refer to the English name of the AddressBook rather than its localized name.

    Anyway, problem solved as far as I am concerned. Thanks.

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    I really don’t know how to export the console (Ctrl-Shift-J). From what I see, there are warnings as I can see with this preview:


    Looking around, I also saw a reference that we could click at the bottom right of the Cardbook window and get the log file of the operations, which is different from the above. Here is the .

    I have also uploaded the log file (personal  identification removed)
    (click here to view the log file).

    Here are the events that happened:

    – Lines 0 to 21 : initial synchronization and report
    – Lines 22 to 39 :
    I reactivate the “AddressBook” (line 24)
    I take a copy of a contact from a local file that works (CardbookMG) and move that copied contact to the “AddressBook”

    The synchronization error appears on line 39 : essentially it can’t access AddressBook.

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    in reply to: How convert PST file (Outlook 2000) to Vcard file #1707

    I think you will need to do that in two steps.

    Basically, with Outlook, the major issue is to find where is the Export version according to the version you have. Basically, in Outlook 2010, it’s under File –> Options –> Advanced.

    Detailed instructions are to be found here :

    I have exported from Outlook 2010 a long long time ago; I don’t have it anymore on my system… and use Thunderbird for my contacts.
    Still, here are a few points to watch for (from memory) :

    • Don’t erase the original Outlook contacts file until you are positive that you had everything you need. Better be safe than sorry.
    • If you have more than one Contacts address book, you can export a single one at a time. And there is an issue with name groupings you have done (ex.: you grouped all employees under a folder called “Company”). I don’t remember if all the names are exported but not the grouping (i.e. you don’t know anymore which company they work for), or if the company is exported but none of the names. To solve that issue, you might have to export the Contacts file and each of these Company folders. Check your CSV file for accuracy.
    • If you have taken extensive notes in Outlook contacts. you may have to rework the exported results. That’s probably a non issue for most or all contacts.
    • The format that works the most reliably (the only one that really works) is CSV. It’s also the one with which you will have the least issue with accented characters and other non-US symbols being transliterated correctly.
    • If you are not a U.S. citizen, Outlook’s and Excel’s ideas of a CSV file differ. For example, with regional settings as Canada – French, Outlook will prepare a CSV file with fields separated by comas. On the other hand, Excel looks at regional parameters and considers the coma as a decimal separator and the semi-colon as field separator. Finally, Outlook and Excel use Windows 1252 encoding, but if you want to import that data elsewhere, many systems prefer UTF-8. LibreOffice Calc (free, open source) does wonder to convert CSV files in various formats.
    • Finally, I don’t know why you want a Vcard file. If you want to convert from Outlook to Thunderbird with Cardbook (or even with its default address book), or from Outlook to Gmail contacts, use the CSV file that you generated from Outlook.
      Just go through the CSV file to remove unwanted columns and/or work with headers on a sample file to make sure that your transferred data is labeled properly (ex.: accented letters OK, work address and work phones are identified as such afterwards; anniversary dates are formatted properly, etc.).
    • If you really need a Vcard file or individual cards for each contact, Thunderbird’s address book and especially Cardbook will give you good results. Google Contacts is somewhat iffy.
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    Thanks. It’s not ideal, but I can live with that. My lists won’t be too hard to maintain and the work I’ll have to do will be more than offset by the good integration with Google and my Carddav provider.

    In a future version (I know I’m dreaming), it would be nice to make mailing lists that would dynamically grab selected addresses from Cardbook (like I had in mind earlier). Even if these lists remained only local and were never sent to Google, it would be wonderful.

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    Ah! I see it now. Thank you very much.

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    Hello, the only thing I see in the “cardbook” folder is another folder with a strange name, and it only has PNG files in it (faces of people). So where is the file? Or what is its name?

    Or worst, is there a setting that I should do make sure I have a backup?

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    Thank you. I have found the Cardbook folder, but from what I see, it only contains profile pictures, no database.

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    Anyone has any suggestions?

    Even though it’s not ideal, I would be open to work in parallel with Cardbook for individual records and Thunderbird’s default address book for mailing lists, but I don’t want to create any issues.

    I don’t like the idea of updating addresses twice (once in Cardbook for individual contacts and once in Address Book just for lists), but I could live with that. What I don’t want is Cardbook to “decide” that it sees the other address book and enters in conflict with Google’s synchronization mechanism.

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