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    More details, and appears to be a minor cosmetic issue.

    Started again with no contacts in my Google address book. I then moved 5 contacts at a time (all without contact photos) from a local address book to Google address book. Did not get the “locally modified” status.

    When I moved a single contact with a jpeg contact photo to the Google address book, that is when the status changed to “locally modified: 1”. No contacts were bolded in the address book. Waited and tried multiple resyncs and status did not change. Contact is correctly created on Google cloud with the contact photo. Exiting and restarting Thunderbird cleared the “locally modified: 1” status.

    The “locally modified: 1” status does not occur if I move a contact over without a contact photo, and then add the contact photo after the contact is created in the Google address book.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)