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      I’m migrating form Win10 to Linux (that means, I’m not an expert and still learning) and have trouble to get a connection to my addresses (stored on a Synology NAS using CardDAv server). Connection to that server is done via something like this:
      https://1IP:Port/addressbooks/users/”user name”/addressbook/

      It works both in browser and Win10 (same machine, dual boot system), but when it comes to validation in Linux there isn’t any progress. System hangs. The log reports a single line like
      2020.05.13 10:11:46:874 : Validation module: Überprüfe ohne Suchauftrag auf https://IP:Port/addressbooks/users/”user name”/addressbook/ …
      Means “check without search order”

      The formerly mentioned setting of “network.cookie.same-site.enabled” to false is not available in my TB version.

      Do you have a hint for me?
      Thanks and kind regards

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