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      I have Thunderbird 78.8.1, CardBook 57.3, Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation copy build 21322.

      Just added a Gmail account to Thunderbird (the only account in TB).

      Then added CardBook add-on and selected to use all found address books.

      Then I put CardBook in the Toolbar and removed the Thunderbird Address Book from the toolbar.

      All online Gmail contacts are in the CardBook Gmail account.

      I edited the topmost entry of the CardBook contacts. It turned Bold. I selected to sync, and the entry was not updated in the Gmail contacts online and it stayed in bold type.

      Nothing I edit in the Gmail online Contacts get synced to CardBook.

      I’m sure I have something not set up right.

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      in CardBook, recreate a new Google address book with the option use:urn_uuid unchecked… if this still does not work, email me at cardbook (at) cardbook. icu

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