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    I have a problem, since this morning.

    I’ve just updated Thunderbird, and since then, the Cardbook window show no data.

    The window is empty of data.

    I tried to create some new cardbook, from the standard ones : import went smoothly, but nothing appeared in the window.

    I tried to create one as a folder (repertoire), idem, nothing is shown in the window.

    But my cardbooks are there,… when I call the contact view from an email received, the view of the contact is ok, with all the data (phone numbers, etc…) in it.

    So, It seems the new version of Thunderbird makes a problem, with the window of Cardbook.

    See the file joined :

    – the screenshot of TB

    – the log of the error console (when opening CB, creating the new card books,…)

    Versions of Thunderbird : 60.3.1 (64 bits)

    Sur Fedora 28.

    CardBook : 33.2

    (I also tried to deactivate it, then reactivate, … and to desinstall and reinstalled… nothing better appeared…).

    Did you encountered this kind of problem ?

    Any clue, from the logs from the error console ?

    Need to open a BugTrack for this ?







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    may you send me the attached files to ?

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    Thanks for the support by mails.

    The problem is solved now.

    It runs properly, after restarting several times Thunderbird.

    May be the full reinstallation of CardBook, earlier in the morning, helped.

    Anyway, it was just a small problem, in the way, after an uptade of TB.

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