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    I use Cardbook since a lot of time, thanks for this great plugin. After updating to TB68, extension was disabled.

    I update after a while, but don‘t see the old addressbook. Then i add it again.

    It work : i have a working baikal server for addressbook and calendar.

    But when i close Thunderbird and restart : all addressbok disappear …

    I check some log : in fact , seems i have multiple addressbook, but non appear at start. Each time i add an address book : it was added to the list.

    Partial log : https://framabin.org/p/?d874aa4e74512253#HK91iBbxes5EyY2noXcjLmOESeK2IF1CB9Rx5Bmjkzg=

    But only one addressbook in the list


    In birthday part , see whole addressbook.

    I already follow this advice : https://cardbook.icu/forum/forums/topic/could-not-delete-address-or-edit-address-books-after-thunderbird-upgrade/

    deleting ~/.thunderbird/ocpnorvk.default/storage/permanent/chrome/

    But, currently, i search to reset whole plugin configuration (beofre try to create a new TB profile).



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    I can confirm : create a new profile, add one mailbox, add cardbook, restart.

    Add same addressbook , restart

    addressbook added still there

    But i have

    A lot of email configuration (imap, then it’s OK)
    A lot of filters
    Some calendars (ligthting)
    etc …

    Then it can be great to have a fixed Cardbook config and not a complet Thunderbird profile 🙂

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    If you have “Accept cookies from web sites” disabled, try to enable it, and set it to “Never” “Accept third party cookies” and “Keep until” “I close Thundebird”

    My address book disappeared too, when I upgraded to Thunderbird 68.

    I can add the source to the address book again (a local .vcf file in my case), and it will work until I close Thunderbird, but closing Thunderbird and starting Thunderbird again, the address book will be gone again.

    I found that enabling “Accept cookies from web sites” and setting the options as descibed above fixed the problem. (I did have to delete all the “extra” address books I had tried to reenable.)

    It seems that either:

    a) The new extension system introduced in Thunderbird 68 requires permission to set cookies and/or read/write to localstore for CardBook to work properly.


    b) The CardBook extension for Tunderbird 68+ has a bug in this regard.

    Either way, it should not be needed to set cookies and/or read/write to localstore in order to be able to see and edit a private address book.

    I will make a bug report when I get back from vacation.

    Best regards 🙂

    Johnny 🙂

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      If you have “Accept cookies from web sites” disabled, try to enable it, and set it to “Never” “Accept third party cookies” and “Keep until” “I close Thundebird”

      Thanks ! It’s fix the issue ! Thanks a lot !

      @cardbook : it’s the minimum …

      About link : maybe adding it to https://cardbook.icu/forum/troubleshooting/ ?

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    After Upgrade toTB68 it took some time to upgrade cardbook. All my remote books recovered well.

    Now the address sidebar is no longer accessible via alt+s keys.

    Depending on the system used (I have four of them in my different offices) you have to hit enter after typing a name to display the possible entries (before they came directly). Selecting can be done by left mouse click or tab and arrow keys. One of my systems forgets the selection immediately. Right mouse click reveals a selection for to, cc, bcc… The same can be done for the selected name by tab and arrow plus enter but as well not on each system.

    Moreover, all books are disabled in the address line as soon I activate cardbook. Typing a name results into no response at all. With deactivated cardbook results from an external LDAP and local books are displayed. In former times all of this as well results from cardbook where displayed.

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    may you email (cardbook(at) cardbook.icu) me print screens of each issue ?

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