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      Hallo together,

      Someone knews if the support of the RFC 6474 for example DEATHDATE is planned?

      Format definition:
      DEATHDATE-param = DEATHDATE-param-date / DEATHDATE-param-text
      DEATHDATE-value = date-and-or-time / text
      ; Value type and VALUE parameter MUST match.
      DEATHDATE-param-date = "VALUE=date-and-or-time" / calscale-param
      ; calscale-param can only be present when DEATHDATE-value is
      ; date-and-or-time and actually contains a date or date-time.
      DEATHDATE-param-date = "VALUE=text" / language-param
      DEATHDATE-param =/ altid-param / any-param
      DEATHDATE;VALUE=text:circa 1800

      Import is possible for each on, but the DEATHDATE is only visible for the exmples 1,2,4.

      I can insert the deathdate in Cardbook for example 1-3. The death date only shown in the general tab for 1&2.

      The same by the way,  i thougt for the birthday field (RFC 6350) which supports (in the RFC) a birth time too.

      Thanks & Kind regards


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