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      Hi, you can enter on an android phone anniversary date (as well in –mmdd format) and customer dates. Could you add option to see them in CardBook? I mustn’t be in stanard configuration = adding them as custom fields would be great. Few remarks:

      1. Google uses here ITEM1.X-ABDATE tag (and ITEM2…. etc.), but CardBook doesn’t allow to define such custom fields.
      2. Date types can be defined like phone or address types.
      3. Could you import (from CardDAV server) complete vcard = including tags not supported by CardBook and present them at least on vcard section (right panel)?
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      yes I should improve my vCard compliance….

      I haven’t understood the point 3/

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      on my Android 6.01. smartphone, I can enter Anniversary date (is available as default date) and add several new dates of type defined by me. I assume, thay are delivered in vCard to the CardDAV server and from the server could be read by CardBook. ANNIVERSARY is standard vCard date = it shouldn’t be a problem to present it in CardBook. Custom dates are delivered in ITEM1.X-ABDATE (and ITME2… etc.) fields (it’s my assumption = I saw this once in one of my contacts sychronized: Android -> gmail -> CardBook).

      My current configuration:

      • ‘CardDAV Sync free’ on Android
      • Radicale ( as CardDAV server on my local PC
      • CardBook on the same PC.
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      Radicale stores its data here: \var\lib\radicale\collections\<user>\.radicale\AddressBook.vcf

      I can find here entries like:



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      ok understood… (once in my life I’d like to meet the people who has created this incredible stupid format :mrgreen: )

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