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      I use Cardbook as my sole address book in Thunderbird, and it uses my contacts on Gmail. The Gmail address book is the only one active; the personal address book is blank and has no names in it.

      The bug: One of my contacts has the name “Ève Smith“.
      When I search for “Ève”, it finds 50 contacts out of 502. If everything worked as expected, the search should bring up 2 or 3 contacts, not 50.
      I have changed the first name for “Eve” (without accent) and the problem remains.

      The problem seems unique to the string “Ève”. No other 3-letter first name (or last name or company name) has the same issue. For example, searching for “Luc” or even “iève” brings up only the appropriate names.

      Other observations

      Under “Preferences –> General”, search suggestions are restricted to “First name, Last name, Company”. Yet, if I search for a string, it also identifies contacts in the title and if I search for “http://” it identifies all contacts with website information. Still, the string “Ève” can’t be found anywhere in any field for many or most of the 50 contacts found by the string “Ève”.

      Besides, for “Ève”, the problem happens in cardbook searches and when I type the beginning of a contact name in an email (field TO). In a nutshell, I’m puzzled.


      Note : I am using the following versions:
      –  Thunderbird (French) : v. 60.6.1
      –  Cardbook : v. 35,7
      –  Windows 10 (French)

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      there are two searches :

      the search within CardBook search for all string “eve” (no matter the case and the accents)… so searching eve will find the address “Geneve” and the company “Bioreve”, etc…

      the customizable search you find in CardBook preferences is only for the email autocompletion

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      Sorry for the late reply.

      1. I understand the customizable search preference.
      2. The search within Cardbook searching for the string “eve”.
        I will have to explore further the 50 or so contacts that are found when I search for the string “eve”. At a glance, even if I include “Geneviève”, “Bioreve”, street and city names and even personal notes (such as “I met him at this EVEnt”), there might be 5-10 names selected tops. My hunch is that the search includes hidden text such as, for example, vcard variables or data such as event start or something like that.
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