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      Some people change their mail address (e.g.  John Doe had and now he has I would like to keep both as the name shows up in mails. If I look at old mails from j.doe, I have the link to his mail. In my address book, I mark the new one with a star (pref = preferred).

      Now, when I compose a new mail, I get autocompletion suggestions for both addresses and there is no way to tell which one I should use (except switching to the address book and look which one is preferred).

      Is there a solution for that? I could not find any.

      Possible solutions I could imagine (would that be a valid feature request?):

      1. (optionally) show only preferred mail addresses in recipient autocompletion
      2. (optionally) show only the preferred mail addresses if there are multiple and only some/one are/is preferred
      3. (optionally) show an indicator for the pref flag (and rank them first)
      4. (optionally) introduce a new flag or checkbox for mail addresses (“include in suggestions”) independent from the pref-flag
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      David Werier

      I second this as a feature request. I like the 1st option proposed. Thanks

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