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      Hi all.
      I’m using latest version of Cardbook with TB 91.13 (and now I’m moving to 102.2). I use Cardbook in order to sync TB addressbook with Google Contacts. What I see (maybe it is a feature, not a bug!) is that if a record belongs to one or more categories/lists inside GoogleContacts, and I want to remove it from a specific category (not from the addressbook) I cannot select that record from inside a particular category -> context menu -> delete because in this case the record is completely removed from the addressbook. If I want the removal of a record only from a category/list without removing it from the addressbook, I have to select this record and from the context menu I have to select the item “Category”and uncheck the particular category I want to remove from for that record.
      I would prefer if the selection and deletion of a record from inside a list/category which it belongs to, causes the removal of that record *only* from that particular category and not from the addressbook at all.


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