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      Is the display name formula recursive ?

      I mean: can a block contain another block ?

      I would like to have:

      • GivenName FamilyName

      without organization even if present. Or

      • Organization

      Basically, use organization only if no name is available.

      This is similar to this question

      Displayed name question

      but the answer does not work when only the given name and organization is filled. The result would be

      • GivenName Organization

      I tried different formulas, but could not achieve the result I want.

      Thank you

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      formula are not recursive, but this should do the trick :

      ({{1}}{{2}}{{3}}{{4}}{{5}}{{6}}||{{7}}|{{2}} {{4}})

      means if “{{1}}{{2}}{{3}}{{4}}{{5}}{{6}}” is null then {{7}} else “{{2}} {{4}}”

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      Thank You CardBook 🙂

      I simplified it a bit and came up to:

      ({{2}}{{4}}||{{7}}|{{2}} {{4}})

      The organization only appears only when there is no given or family name.

      I guess the same would better answer the mentioned question. Even if rather old, it is still findable by the search engine.


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