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      Hi, long time ago I made a private add-on for my wife that analyzed incoming PayPal emails and updated for each found contact in TB’s addressbook the amount of payments (basically keeping track of subscribers – only the paid ones would receive the monthly newsletter).

      Around Thunderbird version 69 or 70 this add-on stopped working.

      Now – after my wife’s computer had to be updated – I try to recreate that add-on using Cardbook instead of the TB Addressbook (because the former add-on MoreFunctionsForAddressbook stopped working, too – it provided a couple of essential features back then).

      So, where do I find the functions for searching Cardbook’s address books as well as reading and updating contacts? Is there a documentation or do I look through the code of the Cardbook add-on? 🙂

      Even more daring: is there any “simple” add-on where I can see how the features are used? (after more than 40 years of programming all kinds of stuff in all kinds of languages I am getting too tired to try more things 🙂 ).

      Thank you for all hints and support!

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