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      Hi all,

      my question is not related to Cardbook, but since there are so many savvy users here, and also Lightning is so tightly integrated into Thunderbird, I thought I’ll try my luck here …

      It appears that Lightning is stubbornly using the setting “timezone” defined in the calendar settings for its display of events. This means that if you want your events displayed in the correct timezone, you have to change it there each time you change your timezone.

      Since I already have to change my timezone for my computer anyways (I am on Windows 10), it would be so much smarter if Lightning took its setting directly from the system settings. I could however find no place where to achieve this.

      Maybe I have overseen a setting somewhere? Or could it be achieved somewhere in the hidden TB settings? Or is there an Addon or a script achieving this behaviour?

      I could find nothing on this topic, but I imagine I am not alone with this need … any advice will be very welcome!


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      Merci 🙂

      Had seen that one already – obviously no solution was found …

      I keep on hoping 😀

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