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      Hello, everyone,
      first of all a big “thank you” to the developer for this great extension!
      I have the problem that I don’t have a pop-up window for upcoming birthdays.
      I have set the settings as follows:
      Number of days to look for birthdays: 20;
      enabled – Show a pop-up window when starting;
      disabled – Show a pop-up window daily;
      enabled – Show a pop-up window if the list of birthdays is empty

      Three of my contacts will have a birthday in the next 20 days, but there will be no reminder when starting Thunderbird or opening Cardbook. I have this problem with two different computers. Via “Menu” -> “Extras” -> “List of birthdays” I can open the reminder window at any time. Can anybody please check if this behavior can be confirmed or if I have a local problem with my Thunderbird?

      Greetings bluebiker

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      Avatar photoCardBook

      set the date format of your addressbook (context menu, then edit) equal to the date format of your birthdays… this is surely the problem…

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      Hello Cardbook,
      thanks for your answer. I have checked the date format again and it is the same for my contacts.
      I also see that the days up to the birthday are correctly determined.
      Here are two screenshots of the settings and the list of birthdays.

      Settings date format

      List of birthdays
      Thanks and greetings


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      Avatar photoCardBook

      have you synced your birthdays to Lightning ?

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      Avatar photoCardBook

      should be solved now

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