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      I have created a new cardbook based on my Google contacts. It seems that all contacts including their labels will synchronized succesfully.
      After that I reorganized the display name of the card book and applied that change by “Generate Display Names”. The effect is that most of the contacts appear now in bold. This probably means that these contacts were modified. Now I want to synchronize these changes with the server (Google).
      Two strange things happen:
      – only some of the contacts will change their appearance to normal (instead of bold)
      – several messages appear that there is a “Contact Modification Conflict”.
      Whatever I do (prefer the local or the server modication, merge the difference) these messages will appear again for the same contacts.

      What should I do so that
      – the display name will be changed according to my settings
      – all contacts will be synced with the Google server

      Regards Juergen

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      Now I have elevated the maximum number of syncs and it looks much better. Also there are no new alert messages so far.

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      I still cannot change the display name for all the contacts. When I recreate the cardbook from scratch the contacts will be imported immediately with the wrong display name. If I modify the display name by “Generate Display Names” the display name will be changed locally but all the changed contacts appear in bold and only some of them will by synced back to the server.
      Is there a way to set the display name before the contacts will be imported?
      Regards Juergen

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      To specify my question:
      Is there a way to change the display name of all contacts in Cardbook without enforcing a sync with Google contacts?
      By the way I did not find a way to specify the display name in Google contacts. But that’s not important for me.
      I found it a good idea to specify the dsiplay name by ordering the attributes as part of a formula.
      It would be ideal if I could define an empty card book, than define the display name for the cardbook and finally import or sync the contacts from Google contacts.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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