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      I just installed the plugin and it looks to be incredibly useful. I have encountered one issue that I haven’t been able to solve: when I use the Tools>”Find Duplicates in All Address Books” the window pops up with a list of my duplicates (System & Google Contacts), with buttons to manage (merge, delete, etc). But if I click on the “Merge Contacts” nothing appears to happen. If I click “Cancel” at the bottom, the window disappears, and I can see below it was a merge panel where I could select which features of the contact to merge in what way. But there appears to be no way to access that window with the list up. As soon as the list of all duplicates pops up, all menu items disappear except the base “Thunderbird” and Apple Menus, all others such as file, edit, and, most importantly, “window” disappear. All controls in the thunderbird window itself are also disabled with the list visible. It seems to me as though the merge contact dialogue is intended to appear ABOVE the list of all duplicates, so one could select the details one wanted to merge, and return to the list. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


      Macbook Pro (m1) OsX Big Sur 11.0.1
      Thunderbird 78.6.0 — Cardbook V55


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      first time I hear this issue… normally the merge contact list dialog appears and then the merge dialog appears above (I’ve just tested and it works)… have you got any issue in the Thunderbird console (CTRL+SHIFT+J) ?

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