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      Hi everyone,

      I use cardbook to manage my contacts. I have various contact lists organized with cardbook’s categories-function.

      My Problem: I have some contacts that have multiple E-Mail-Addresses. For different categories I want to use different E-Mail Adresses. Is it possible to chose a certain E-Mail-Adress for a certain category/list?

      For example, my contact Esther is in two lists: “friends” and “collective”. When I write to list “friends” I want to chose Email-Address A, when I write to list “collective” I want to use our institutional E-Mail-Address B.

      Thanks for your replies.

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      when creating a list you might choose to either add contacts or email to this list (to check, look at the vCard of the list, you will understand the difference)

      If you add a contact, the list points to the contact and will use all emails from this contact. If you later add a new email to this contact, the change will be taken into account regarding the list.

      If you add emails, the list simply points to the email

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