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      I’m being very stupid here …

      Up to now I’ve been using the Thunderbird Native Address Book, but after losing the MoreFunctionsForAddressBook extension in TB 68 I’m trying to try out Cardbook to use instead. But I’m having trouble understanding how to replicate the situation I have in TB NAB.

      In the native address book I have the usual Personal and Collected local address books, plus one synced to my Contacts using gContactSync, and one synced to my People using TbSync with EAS fro TbSync. My Android phone Google contacts and Windows 10 laptop People also both sync with the Contacts, and the People.

      After installing Cardbook in TB 68, it imported all 4 address books from NAB, but with the Outlook and Gmail ones being local. It also then popped up something for me to set up a remote version of the gmail one, so I now have two versions of the Contacts address book, one local and one remote. This leaves me with two questions:

      1. I presume I just delete the local version of the address book, and the local one when I set up a remote version of the People?
      2. I don’t understand how to set up the remote, syncing version of the People address book. I’ve tried clicking to set up a new remote address book, but no URL I try will validate in it. Or am I supposed to link it with TbSync somehow, and if so how?
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      1/ yes

      2/ does not support the WebDAV protocol, thank you windows :(… so I don’t have any solution for this

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      Thanks for the answers, even though the second is disappointing.

      So – TB Native Address Book with TbSync/EAS supports Outlook People address books but not Gmail Contacts; and Cardbook supports Gmail Contacts address book but not Outlook People.

      The only solution that covers both appears to be TB NAB plus TbSync/EAS AND gContactSync – except that creates a muddle as they add themselves in different ways, inconsistent actual Syncing methods, and while gContactSync kind of works for me it keeps on screwing up the NAB, renaming columns, once duplicating every contact except adding a single space on the front of each display name etc, so I leave it disabled.

      I’m afraid it just seems crazy to me that Thunderbird expects to be taken as a serious email client, but doesn’t itself – without extensions – support the two most common external address books (outside Apple): the Gmail Contacts address books the majority of people have on their phones and via Gmail in their web browsers; and the outlook People address books people have with their Windows 10 desktops/laptops and work Outlook apps.

      As while I want both Outlook People and Gmail Contacts address book syncing in TB, if I can only have one of the two it’s Outlook People, I guess that means I stick with the NAB and TbSync/EAS for now, and I have to wait and hope that the effort to get TbSync to work with Cardbook finally happens, as that would give Cardbook the Outlook People syncing to go with the existing Gmail Contact syncing. Then I could consider moving to Cardbook.

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      TbSync also supports Google now, via its Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV.

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