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      i like Cardbook a lot, great tool to adminster my address entries.

      I just started to organize my addressbook use with cardbook and come across the following problem:



      I have setup three addressbooks:

      • AllAddresses
      • iPhone1-Addresses
      • iPhone2-Addresses

      I first created the iPhone addressbooks, using the Apple ID API login method (two unique iPhone Apple IDs) and synced the existing iPhone addresses into card book.

      Next i started consolidating the addresses. There are addresses used on both phones and some which are stored onyl on one.


      I also started using custom types for e.g. iCloud e-mail addresses and WhatsApp Phone numbers by entering them into the drop-down field while editing a cardbook entry. Some of these custom types also got transfered from the original iPhone records.

      When editing a record, it gets properly synced to the respective iPhone.

      The problem starts, when i copy one (updated) record in cardbook, having such a custom type, to the second iPhone cardbook addressbook (record used on both phones).

      It starts syncing after i paste it into the cardbook addressbook, but then reverts to the original entry.

      Analyzing the issue it seems, this happens always with records that have such a “special” / “custom” e-mail or phone type i mentioned before either in the record that i am going to overwrite or the updated version which i use for copy/paste.


      Any idea how to get rid of this sync issue?



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      I’ve seen your GitLab bug, will try to reproduce…

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        Thank you.
        in the meantime i experiemented a bit further.

        Right now my experience is, whenever i do a “paste” of an addressboook entry into a iCloud synced cardbook addressbook, the change does not get through on iCloud side.
        Whether the source record comes from a file based cardbook adressboook or another iCloud based cardbook addressbook, an vCard file import … the result is the same as described above.
        Also it does not matter, whether there is a custom type attribute used inside that record.

        Whenever you try to overwrite the record with a record with same cardbook id using copy/paste or import, it fails.

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