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      I saw this add on featured so wanted to try it. But I have a pile of contacts in my Thunberbird Address book and I do mailmerge on lists from it. When I installed Cardbook it was empty. I sort of expected to see my Thunderbird Address Book contacts there. Naively perhaps.

      But this raises the huge question of interaction and I see no documentation anywhere even touching on this, even in these forums.

      1. How do I get all my contacts from the standard Address Book into Card Book?
      2. Can CardBook synchronize with the standard Address Book?
      3. Can the Mailmerge feature work with CardBook lists?

      And then I’m curious too whether it can synchronize with say Google Contacts which I use on my browser and phone a lot.

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      Cardbook respects VCard standards, the standard ABook does not – so you will likely run into big problems with syncing standard ABook, I did…

      Cardbook is so much better than ABook in many ways, move and don’t look back!

      Your questions:

      1. Cardbook offers to copy your ABook contacts upon installation. This has worked well for me on Win and Ubuntu. You can of course also export/import.
      2. Why would you want to sync? To me everything is so much better thought through in Cardbook. Move and forget ABook.
      3. Mailmerge works well with Cardbook. One great advantage to me is that I can send mails to contact categories, like “family”. No need to assemble and update ABook lists any longer. Just categorize your contacts, and mail to the categories from the compose window.

      No experience with Google contacts. I am using nextcloud.

      The support on this list, especially from the creators, is fantastic.




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      Thanks heaps. I stepped through the wizard and indeed it now reflects what I had in my Abook. I guess the experience suggests that this wans’t obvious and wasn’t well explained as I really didn’t know what was going on (and I may at times be a tad daft, who can’t be, but I am oddly enough rather long-in-the-tooth when it comes to using Thunderbird and not a newb by any measure).

      If Mailmerge works well with CardBook that’s awesome, I’ll be looking into it, as yes, maintaining lists in Abook is a pain and the whole Abook interface is, to put it bluntly, a UX nightmare. Hoping Cardbook is what it should be, and if it is, wondering if and when Cardbook is taken into the trunk of Thunderbird – who wants a crappy Abook.

      If it can sync with Google Contacts it’ll be a dream. NextCloud sure rocks, but I’ve not got around to it and my whole phone to cloud contact management is currently resting on Google Contacts. One day I’ll move to NextCloud methinks, but I have too many distracting projects alas to have got to it yet.

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      Avatar photoChris

      I can only encourage you to go the step – away from google and to Nextcloud contact management. True – it is some work, but only once, and it is definitely worth this one-time effort.

      I have moved some 1.200 contacts from google to Nextcloud – via CardBook imports of the google “categories” (which are in fact not really categories but proprietary google crap) and never regretted that decision.

      My contacts sync beautifully between Nextcloud and Thunderbird and also to my Android phone (with the DavDroid app), and as an additional bonus I got rid of at least that part of google’s friendly supervision (some call it spying …).

      You can do it … 😉

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      Avatar photoCardBook

      1/ in CardBook, add new address book, then the third option

      2/ no sync between CardBook and the standard address books is possible  (for the simple reason that if I have 30 emails on a CardBook contact, how do I push this to the standard ones ?)

      3/ as said, Mail Merge works with CardBook

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