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      Avatar photoChris

      If you don’t receive your confirmation mail after registration, or notifications of subscribed threads, the reason could be that your ISP and/or mailprovider is using the services of BarracudaCentral.

      Unfortunately, every now and then this shady service lists the server-IP on which this forum runs as “doubtful” or whatever else. And for no apparent reason. This Barracuda score is then used by spam-protection tools and can result in non-delivery of mails.

      I am taking good care of the server and keep it safe and uptodate, and of 104 Anti-Spam-Lists it is only Barracuda having issues. Even when I apply there to be removed, this takes ages (or is not done at all), and only to become listed after some time again.

      Sorry to say, but these guys are bandits in my view. They offer an option to get whitelisted – against payment of course. Fork them!

      So if you don’t get the mails, this could be the cause. Inquire whether Barracuda is involved anywhere in your mail chain, and ditch the bitch!

      There is nothing I can do about it, unfortunately.

      Happy posting everyone 🙂

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      Avatar photoChris

      Another reason why you don’t receive mails from this forum (and hence can’t properly register an account) could be that you are using an email-service run by Micro$oft. Could be hotmail, msn, outlook, live or whatever else they offer to the unsuspecting world …

      Like Google, Micro$oft likes to introduce its own sets of rules in disrespect to established and standardised protocols, in the hope that either nobody notices, or eventually create so much nuisance and sufferance that their arbitrary rules eventually get integrated into international standards.

      Anyways – Micro$oft mail-servers reject mails coming from this forum server, I couldn’t find out yet for what reason exactly. So the mails bounce and if you try to register here with such an email-address, you will never get a mail to change your password, nor any other notifications from this server.

      In conclusion: better use a mail-provider that sticks to the standards.

      Edit: seems that forum mails to M$ mailboxes do get through if there has been a mail sent to the server from the concerned mailbox before. So if you really have no better address and want to register here, send me a mail first (Click this link), and only then register to the forum.


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      • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by Avatar photoChris.
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