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      dear gentlemen,

      I would be grateful to you, if you could show me the way to convert all my addresses and phone numbers from an Outlook 2000 PST file, to Vcard file or another way to cardbook directory /address book.

      Many thanks in advance


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      I think you will need to do that in two steps.

      Basically, with Outlook, the major issue is to find where is the Export version according to the version you have. Basically, in Outlook 2010, it’s under File –> Options –> Advanced.

      Detailed instructions are to be found here :

      I have exported from Outlook 2010 a long long time ago; I don’t have it anymore on my system… and use Thunderbird for my contacts.
      Still, here are a few points to watch for (from memory) :

      • Don’t erase the original Outlook contacts file until you are positive that you had everything you need. Better be safe than sorry.
      • If you have more than one Contacts address book, you can export a single one at a time. And there is an issue with name groupings you have done (ex.: you grouped all employees under a folder called “Company”). I don’t remember if all the names are exported but not the grouping (i.e. you don’t know anymore which company they work for), or if the company is exported but none of the names. To solve that issue, you might have to export the Contacts file and each of these Company folders. Check your CSV file for accuracy.
      • If you have taken extensive notes in Outlook contacts. you may have to rework the exported results. That’s probably a non issue for most or all contacts.
      • The format that works the most reliably (the only one that really works) is CSV. It’s also the one with which you will have the least issue with accented characters and other non-US symbols being transliterated correctly.
      • If you are not a U.S. citizen, Outlook’s and Excel’s ideas of a CSV file differ. For example, with regional settings as Canada – French, Outlook will prepare a CSV file with fields separated by comas. On the other hand, Excel looks at regional parameters and considers the coma as a decimal separator and the semi-colon as field separator. Finally, Outlook and Excel use Windows 1252 encoding, but if you want to import that data elsewhere, many systems prefer UTF-8. LibreOffice Calc (free, open source) does wonder to convert CSV files in various formats.
      • Finally, I don’t know why you want a Vcard file. If you want to convert from Outlook to Thunderbird with Cardbook (or even with its default address book), or from Outlook to Gmail contacts, use the CSV file that you generated from Outlook.
        Just go through the CSV file to remove unwanted columns and/or work with headers on a sample file to make sure that your transferred data is labeled properly (ex.: accented letters OK, work address and work phones are identified as such afterwards; anniversary dates are formatted properly, etc.).
      • If you really need a Vcard file or individual cards for each contact, Thunderbird’s address book and especially Cardbook will give you good results. Google Contacts is somewhat iffy.
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      Last week, my friend David called me and told he wants to be transferred to all the important contact of Outlook into Vcard but he doesn’t know a procedure to switch. He is my best friend that reason I searched on Google then finally I got a best converter to migrate all the contact from the .pst file into Vcard format. I shared to my friend a commercial link (deleted) after some time he called me once again and told me he successfully migrate to all the important contacts from PST format to Vcard.

      So, I will counsel all the people who want to Free PST to Vcard Converter for Outlook PST data to Vcard.

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      Today, a nasty spammer begged to be kicked from this forum. Since I was in good mood, I still let his post there, but took out the commercial link for which he had taken all the effort to register in the forum and to post …

      Shame 🙂

      But if he comes again, he will certainly be kicked.

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      The migration should be such that it does not compromise with file structure and data integrity and gives several export options to the user with easy steps of migration without any problem. I would like to suggest, advanced software for SameTools Outlook PST to Vcard Conversion Software that is available for the Windows platform.

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      Softaken PST Mailbox Converter converts PST to various other formats with just a few simple steps including MSG, MBOX, EMLX and EML formats. This tool has been designed keeping
      mind a user-friendly experience.

      Key features:
      Converts PST to MBOX, MSG, EMLX and EML formats
      Migrate PST contacts to VCF(VCard)
      Support Multiple languages
      Preview of Converted Items
      Accurate data conversion
      Work On the password protected Files
      Work with old new MS outlook (ANSI/Unicode) PST types

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