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      after converting my old addressbooks to cardbook i realise that all three cardbook addresslists must be set to ‘local’ instead of ‘network’, see line 255 in prefs.js:

      user_pref(“extensions.cardbook.accountsShown”, “local”);

      how do i change it to network?
      by editing the prefs.js?
      or do i have to create new cardbook addressbooks?

      thanks for helping and hinting

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      this preference only aims at showing which address books to filter… in the CardBook toolbar you should have a menulist selector with “Local address books”, “Remote address books”, etc… choose from there…

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      hi there

      thanks for clarifying the prefs line.

      but my question is different:

      how to change a local address book (in cardbook) to a network address book?

      thanks for any hint and help

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      Why do you do not export the data from the local address book to a vcf-file and then import the previously exported data into the cloud or network address book?

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      thanks – that is a clear answer: i have to export a local addressbook and import it on the server, in order to synchronise the server version with the local cardbook-installation.

      that’s exactly what i did. and it worked smoothly.
      but the import on the server added a line in vCard for the email:
      “EMAIL; TYPE=x-other: xxx@xxx”
      which means that i now have two identical email lines in the general view.
      which is very annoying.

      screenshot with the comparison of the original and the changed vCard is available.

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      If you create local a new address with CardBook, there are three options for the e-mail: Work, Home and Other.


      Which field is assigned to your e-mail address?

      Which address software is running on your server? Are we talking about OwnCloud or NextCloud? Which software can not assign the generated vCard by CardBook?

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      the local addressbook was created from a csv-file.

      the original line was: EMAIL;TYPE=:xxx@xxx

      (too bad i can’t send you the screenshot i made – seems impossible in this forum)

      the import and export (v.3.0) is done by CardBook v. 37.6, thunderbird is v. 60.9.0

      and the server is hostpoint switzerland, cloud office:

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      the original email line was, as already pointed out:

      the imported same email line is:

      followed by the same email adddress with additional line:


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      I would probably in the CSV file the string EMAIL;TYPE =: change into EMAIL;TYPE=WORK: or EMAIL;TYPE=HOME:

      Then the assignment is more accurate.

      And then import again. It’s just a thought. Whether it works I can not say with certainty.

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      thank you for your patience with my troubles.

      you are probably right – my problem results from the original mapping when importing from a csv file.

      i remember having troubles to choose the right field from the csv mapping re email. there are 5 possibilities in CardBook:

      • Emails
      • Emails (no type)
      • Emails (Home)
      • Emails (Others)
      • Emails (Work)

      i choose the first option for my mapping template, a decision which lead probably to the discussed result. i will change this field in the vcs-file and hope that things will clear up.

      but i have to add a critisism to this mapping window in CardBook: it is for me impossible to handle it easily. it’s not self explanatory and there is no help file.

      furthermore there is no explanation at all for the different options: what’s for example the difference between “Emails” and “Emails (no type)”?

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      export|import in csv is good the recommended way of proceeding, better choose export|import of vcf files

      there is no difference between Email and Email (no type) when importing. When exporting it as as Email will export all emails and Email (no type) will export only the emails without a type


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      well, sometimes you don’t have a another choice but to import from csv (my former CRM allowed the export of my 2000 contacts only to csv).

      then i had the choice between converting to vcf via vCard-Grid or CardBook. since i wanted to work with Lightning and CardBook, it was an easier choice to do the mapping between csv and CardBook.

      but that is where my troubles began. as i critisised before, the mapping process of CardBook ist not transparent at all.
      as i found out now, the conversion of “email” gave me 3 different outcomes in the same file:

      • Email; Type=:
      • Email:
      • ITEM1.EMAIL:

      a similar outcome happened to “adr” and “url”. all in one single file and one conversion to vcf!

      and that’s why my hoster’s server software (Open-Xchange) tried to correct those entries by adding a line containing “TYPE=x-other:”

      after having manually corrected all these variations now to conform the mapping rules of Open-Xchange everything is now back to normal – no second identical email line any more.

      that’s why i wish to have a rule book of the default mapping of CardBook.

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      ooops thanks, I will investigate this bug of empty type…

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      you issue will be solved with 37.8 version

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