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      I find the cardbook “Collected contacts” useful to keep addresses from occasional contacts to whom I reply. The list is currently populated with less than 10 contacts.

      When I click on a given name, I see in the right panel that the following fields are populated:
      – displayed name
      – last name
      – first name
      – emails

      However, if I click on a contact to edit it, the form shows fields for name, company, etc.; however it stops abruptly with the “emails” descriptor and no email is displayed.

      Is it a bug or a feature? Or am I doing something wrong?


      I would also love to bring one of these contacts in my main contacts file (on Google). I thought I would open the “Modify contact” window and change the address book specification from “Collected contacts” to “Google contacts” and that all the missing fields would reappear. but that doesn’t seem to work. Maybe I am wishing too much…




      Versions are :
      Windows 10 20H2 (French), Thunderbird 78.9.0, Cardbook 57.3

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      seems a bug, first try to restart Thunderbird and then send me a printscreen here : ttps://

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