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      When I attempted to install Cardbook recently on my system (Debian 10, TB 78+) the validation showed as failed when connecting to my Gmail contacts. I noticed that some of the contacts were not formatted properly so I removed the add-on and deleted any “cardbook” directories I could find under the Thunderbird profile directory. However, it seems that the old data is still present in TB when I attempted a second install, even though I had deleted the cardbook directory and the cardbook@ directory under the browser-extension-data directory. What do I have to do to remove all cardbook data references in order to perform a fresh and clean install of Cardbook?

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      you also have to clean the file prefs.js to purge all data starting with “extensions.cardbook.”

      to be quite complete you may also delete the two indexedDB databases created under the storage folder, but I’m not sure this will not corrupt your Thunderbird profile…

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