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      apparantly my first post did not make it for some reason?

      Question still remains: Is there a way to mass-edit contacts. I have googled but found nothing that works. I need to change the company details and addresses for lots of contacts (all to the same). So either I do it manually one by one which is tedious work or there is another way I could not find yet.

      Is there anything I am missing here?

      Best regards



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      Avatar photoChris

      Export addressbook to file -> find/replace and save -> re-import the file.

      That’s how I would proceed 🙂

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      Avatar photoCardBook

      right click on one contact over the org field then select “copy (organization)” then select all the contacts you want to change and right click on them and choose “Paste (Organization)”

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      Thank you both!! Two ways of doing it. 🙂

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