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      Hi all,

      New to cardbook, local sync to a radicale server. Been fun to learn, and gives me hope that I’ll eventually leave the Google ecosystem

      I wasn’t happy with the default Display Name generated, as it added a person’s organization to their name every time.

      However, if it was an organization without any personal name, it would not display the organization at all – it instead defaulted to phone numbers (presumably the first bit of unique data in it’s list.)

      So I tried to wrap my brain around the expressions, and I think I understood enough to achieve my ends – now I get a name without an organization, and if there are no proper names, nicknames or titles, etc then I get the organization as the display name. Very pleased with myself until I noticed that I’m getting and extra space in the display name between the given name and the family name.

      Here is my code:

      (({{1}} {{2}} {{3}} {{4}} {{5}} {{6}})|{{7}})

      Any suggestions? How is this related to regular expressions, if at all?


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      Avatar photoCardBook

      try something like this :

      (({{1}} |)({{2}} |)({{3}} |)({{4}} |)({{5}} |)({{6}} |)|({{7}}|))


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