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      I am new here (enjoying Cardbook as an essential TB add-on very much) and might not have found the answer to my question in the documentation or by searching through the forum so I ask:

      When creating a new contact at the (Android) phone side, the contact’s mobile phone number ends in Cardbook as “multiple types”, “Cell” and “VOICE” (in capital) although at the Android end it is just a “Mobile” number?

      At the moment, I untick the “VOICE” box in Cardbook and just leave the number as “Cell”. That stays across all further synchs so is OK but I wonder how to avoid this extra handling?

      Thanks, Michael

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      I should have added that the server backend is SOGo (version 3.x). That might be important.

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      it seems that it is a normal behaviour to add these annoying VOICE or INTERNET types as defined by RFCs…

      I should improve CardBook on this point to remove from display these stupid types…

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      Well, if that is possible, I am all for it but admit that I cannot fully judge on the implications….

      Thank you for the reply and considering a change!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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