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      I am collecting outgoing email addresses and giving them a category of Collected Addresses. All of the emails that have been collected are not syncing with the server. I upgraded to the new version 17.6 but it did not solve the problem.

      I get the following message in the log file for every address in the Collected Addresses category. I changed some data for privacy reasons.

      2017.03.07 08:35:26:513 : Mark & Lynne : Contact someaddress@aol.com failed to be created on server (url : https://my.server.com:8443/addressbooks/users/MarkLynne/addressbook/99999999-9999-9999-9999-999999999999.vcf, status : 403)

      Any address I add manually works perfectly.

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      I think this is because the VERSION was missing in version 17.5 for these collected contacts… the contacts collected in version 17.6 should be synced ?

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      With CardBook 17.9 I tested collecting outgoing email addresses in category ‘unsorted’ … the new contact with field “CATEGORIES” is synced to the server.

      The only thing I discovered: some CardDAV Clients (like MacOS’s Addressbook) does not show or use the “CATEGORIES” in any matter.

      For me, with CardBook 17.9 everything works fine. If there is nothing new, I suggest to mark this thread with ‘solved’.

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