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      I recently was working with my emails, and I accidentally clicked the Cardbook tab in the Thunderbird Quick Filter bar.  I saw some rotating circles like there was some heavy processing happening to the list.  Afterward, at least one email I recently received was now not showing.  I clicked the tab again to turn it off.  However, that email did not reappear.  I checked on Google, and the email is still there, so it was not deleted.  Even closing and restarting TB did not bring it back.

      I am trying to better understand just what that tab does.  The hover over message says it shows emails connected with people in the address books.  Ok.  But why wouldn’t emails return when I turn off the filter?  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

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      CardBook is the preferred address book to use in Thunderbird. The rotating circle indicates that the addresses are being synchronized between CardBook and your online email service. It does NOT affect email messages in any way. Email messages can only be deleted by you personally or by a rule/filter that you have set up to handle spam/junk or to organize your email.

      If you do a search in Thunderbird for any keyword that would have shown up in the message, it will find it if it indeed exists somewhere in your mailboxes.

      Did you check both the Junk and Trash folders for the message?

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      @marks : this issue with the quick filter bar is known and I don’t know how to solve it (I cross my fingers that it get solved with Thunderbird 91… if you want to test, this is here :

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      Jcinaz, this is not the syncing within Cardbook.  This is when one is in Thunderbird proper looking at emails and clicks the Cardbook tab that comes in the Quick Filter bar.    The circles appear over the top of the list of emails.

      Thanks to the author for letting me know it is an issue.  I am on the regular update track for Thunderbird, so I am not anywhere near version 91.  So I guess I will not try your potential fix.   At this point, I think I would rather avoid this feature until it is resolved rather than possibly get more emails filtered out.  I appreciate all your work on this addon.

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