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    As I report in the image below:
    the string “Default Region” is not translated and it is in between two couples of questions marks.
    To the Italian translator(s): I suppose you can easily translate this string as “Paese predefinito”.




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    I have no news from my italian translator, si you have some times, here are the strings to translate (the strings to translate are enclosed between two “??”, there are not so much) :

    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :186: cardsConverted=??%1$S : contacts converted into %2$S : %3$S??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :187: cardsConvertedUndo=??VCards converted??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :188: cardsImportedFromFileUndo=??File %1$S imported??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :189: cardsImportedFromDirUndo=??Directory %1$S imported??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :190: undoActionDoneUndo=??Undo done (%1$S)??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :191: redoActionDoneUndo=??Redo done (%1$S)??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :194: outgoingEmailCollectedUndo=??Outgoing email collected??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :195: emailCollectedByFilterUndo=??Emails collected by filter??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :196: emailDeletedByFilterUndo=??Emails deleted by filter??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :197: cardsMergedUndo=??Contacts merged??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :198: cardsDuplicatedUndo=??Contacts duplicated??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :199: displayNameGenerated=??%1$S : contacts having their display names regenerated : %2$S??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :200: displayNameGeneratedUndo=??Display names regenerated??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :203: cardsDeleted2Undo=??Contacts deleted??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :204: cardsPastedUndo=??Contacts pasted??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :205: cardsDraggedUndo=??Contacts dragged??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :208: categorySelectedUndo=??Category %1$S selected??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :209: categoryUnselectedUndo=??Category %1$S unselected??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :210: categoryRenamedUndo=??Category %1$S renamed??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :213: categoryConvertedToListUndo=??Category %1$S converted to list??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :214: listConvertedToCategoryUndo=??List %1$S converted to category??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :215: linePastedUndo=??Line pasted??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :339: dateEntry1Wrong=??%1$S : Contact %2$S has a date field value (%3$S) that does not match the date format of the address book (%4$S)??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :340: dateEntry2Wrong=??Date field value (%1$S) does not match the date format of the address book (%2$S)??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :342: eventNameNull=??At least one event has an empty description??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\ :343: eventDateNull=??At least one event has an empty date??
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\wdw_cardbook.dtd :51: <!ENTITY cardbookToolbarBackButtonTooltip “??Go back one action??”>
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\wdw_cardbook.dtd :53: <!ENTITY cardbookToolbarForwardButtonTooltip “??Go forward one action??”>
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\wdw_cardbookConfiguration.dtd :113: <!ENTITY defaultRegionLabel “??Default Region:??”>
    G:\cardbook-33.5-tb\chrome\locale\it\wdw_cardbookConfiguration.dtd :115: <!ENTITY defaultRegionTooltip “??Default region for addresses and formatting phone numbers. ??”>

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