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      It seems that Cardbook does not sync Thunderbird’s address book. Meaning, if I edit a contact in Personal Address Book from within Cardbook, it does not change Thunderbird’s Personal Address Book, and when I open Thunderbird’s Address Book my edits aren’t there.

      Also, when I click on the arrow next to Syncronize, it only lists my gmail account.

      Does Cardbook have the ability to sync with Thunderbird’s address book?

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      The whole purpose of CardBook is to do away with the Thunderbird Address Book because the format and number of available fields far exceed what the TB Address Book is capable of. You do NOT want to be using BOTH. One or the other. Choose.

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      In fact, what is advisable here is to import your existing TB addressbook into a cardbook addressbook. You have this option when creating a new addressbook.

      Then you sync your new addressbook with your server, and never look back to the TB (useless) addressbook.

      Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions!


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      Hi all,

      I do not use a server to save anything… I like using good old fashion backups of my important stuff .

      Is there a way to save the Cardbook Contacts in a File System other than vcf so that i have ALL fields especially the NOTES field ?

      Export only gives me vcf files and printing them works as a PDF but that will not allow me to import anything back into thunderbird

      the Server option would work BUT how to I set that up using a local machine … as in my external harddrive(s)

      Thanks so much


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