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    What would it take to get CardBook recommended as a featured addon for TB? This would hugely increase it’s visibility.

    As per TB planning:!topic/tb-planning/RmRdfg1ZK2E





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    It *IS* already featured 😀

    But Cardbook has to become the replacement of the currently integrated addressbook in Thunderbird – that should be the next step 😉


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    That’s great – although the requirements [1]  do say (i.e 4 weeks before TB 64 is released):

    <span style=”font-size: 14px;”>Incompatibility with upcoming Thunderbird — Featured add-ons are expected to be compatible with stable and beta versions of Thunderbird. Add-ons not yet compatible with a Beta version of Thunderbird four weeks before its expected release will lose their featured status.</span>


    Agree on pushing for replacement of addressbook (which I am certainly a strong advocate for whenever I can be), but that requires compatibility with the development branch first doesn’t it?

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    I vote…


    … as well to upgrade the existing address book in Thunderbird.

    My number one reason was to sync my google account contacts.  This has worked quite well.

    Second is this upgrades to a newer version of Vcard.  The old address book did not show all the fields.

    What is not working, and perhaps I’m still learning how, is importing older version of Vcard, 2.1 in a file from my phone’s internal contacts, to Cardbook.  I had to import to the older address book in Thunderbird and then from Thunderbird to Cardbook, the backup Vcard v2.1.

    What I would like to see it do is sync my phones internal contacts to a Cardbook address book.  For now I at least have a copy as they are at present.  My reason is I like to keep some of my contact’s data private rather than put it all out there on Google’s server, linking via a USB cable from the phone, an Android phone on T-mobile currently.

    Another feature change is to be able to change the files directory, from it’s default location, for easy backup.  I do this for my other Thunderbird mail accounts to backup on a regular basis.  Have to be prepared for Murphy’s law.  … smiles …

    Again, Thanks for your work on this.

    Stevie 🙂

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    Whoever wishes to vote for Cardbook to become the official Thunderbird addressbook, can find the necessary instructions here:

    Note: although not mandatory, a vote with some explanations of the reasons why Cardbook is so good will certainly have a bigger impact … 😉

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    Hi –  I think beta is now 66 b1 (Build4)

    Does the above compatibility requirement of 4 weeks before release mean CardBook is likely to lose its featured status? Since so few addons are actually compatible it is unclear how the TB folks will proceed – will they release 66 into stable or keep holding off until key addons (like CardBook!) are compatible? Thoughts?

    Once CB is compatible then we can think about repushing the effort to have CB be the default addressbook as well.

    So, was wondering how the effort getting CardBook compatible with TB beta might be coming along at this juncture?

    Thank you for all the good work and continued improvements.

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    Also, would using the XUL overlay as documented here:

    help at all in getting working with the newer TB’s ?

    thanks again.


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