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      Over the course of the years, it has happened several times to me to lose some contacts or even entire addressbooks … because of course accidents always happen exactly when your last manual backup was long ago …

      For some time, I had hoped Cardbook would integrate some kind of of automatic backup, but this is probably out of the scope of the Addon and pretty complicated to realise for the multitude of the user environments.

      Since I’m hosting my contacts in my own Nextcloud, I was very happy to discover a great script that does exactly what I need: extract the contacts (and calendars) from the Nextcloud instance (database) reliably in the background, and save them in a compressed format in a location of my choice. Run by a cronjob, I now have my regular backups – and peace of mind 😀

      This wonderful opensource script is called calcardbackup and can be found here. The installation is really easy, and there are plenty of options to organise the precise details of your backup.

      It is even possible to extract contacts and calendars from a broken Nextcloud, as long as there is a database dump – I wish I had known this script a few years ago when disaster struck my Nextcloud installation!

      While this script is really easy to install and use when you have access to the console of the server running your Nextcloud, there is also a (maybe not yet completely functional) php-script as an option for those who use the service of a Nextcloud provider. Can’t say much on that, as I had no need to test this function.

      I’m very happy with calcardbackup and can recommend it fullheartedly.

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