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      recently I installed CardBook and synchronized it with my Posteo address book. This worked wonderfully. In CardBook two address books were displayed: The Thunderbird address book and the Posteo address book.

      Now I “cleaned up” a bit (e.g. merged duplicate entries from both address books) and suddenly all addresses from both address books were in the Posteo address book and the TB address book shown in the CardBook was empty. However, when I access this from the TB menu, the addresses are there.

      Before this happened, something was running in the background, as there were noticeable delays in my entries.

      I uninstalled CardBook and reinstalled it. However, the addresses reappeared as before described. Then I did that a second time, deleting “by hand” the files in the TB directories that contain CardBook in their name. Even after that, the above status was the same.

      My fear was that this mess would now sync with my Posteo address book, but syncing didn’t work at all.

      Is this problem known and does anyone have a solution, because I don’t have the courage to make changes as described at the beginning anymore?

      Supplementary the question, whether there is somewhere a instruction, how you can delete Cardbook completely from Thunderbird? I have not found anything in the forum about this. Since after uninstalling it was restored to the old faulty state, there must still have been files somewhere in the TB directories that Cardbook was accessing. I had solved the problem, because fortunately a full backup of TB was created shortly before, which I restored and then Cardbook could be reinstalled – without taking over erroneous entries.



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      Hi Friedel

      to delete completely CardBook, in your Thunderbird profile, you have to remove all entries from your prefs.js, remove the CardBook directory and remove some files into your directory storage… But the  best is to create a new profile (thunderbird.exe -p)

      for debugging, when this occurs again, try to see if there were errors in your Thunderbird console (CTRL+SHIFT+J)

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