“Add new addressbook” window pops up after sync to CardDav Server on Synology

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      Hi everyone,

      I have just installed Cardbook and think it’s a fabulous improvement on TB addressbook.
      However, after every sync with the server, the “add a new addressbook” window pops up.
      I have a Synology NAS with the Synology CardDav server running.
      I’m using TB 78.10.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10.

      As far as I can tell, any edits made in Cardbook are updated to the server (shows in the relevant field & Last Updated field in Cardbook).
      I’ve not tried to make any edits in the server from any other source/app.

      I had tried using TB Sync with Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV before trying Cardbook, and did not get any issues like this. I have disabled both TB Sync & Provider since adding Cardbook.

      I think the look and feel of Cardbook is far superior, so thank you to Philippe V for Cardbook.

      This issue is not a show stopper for me (so far), and it’s an annoying inconvenience, so it would be great to get it fixed.

      I’d be grateful for any advice or things to try – I’m not a coder, but can follow instructions.

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      in CardBook preferences, sync pane, uncheck the discovery part (or add the proposed address book)

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      Perfect! Thank you for such a speedy response.

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      thank you too 🙂

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