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      I was doing some housekeeping when I accidentally deleted my whole Address Book. “Edit” and “Delete” were right next to each other and I just blindly hit “OK” in what I can only figure to have been some sort of lapse of sense. “Undo” didn’t seem to do anything to resolve that mistake. I spent some hours of time refining my contacts from what I scraped from Google Contacts, so to say the least, I’m not all that psyched about redoing all of that work.

      Do I have any options toward recovering this Address Book, whether built in or with external tools? I suspected that some sort file recovery tool might yield results, but it’s been a hot minute since I had to do something like that, so I’m admittedly out of practice.

      If nothing else, this may be considered my petition for either automated built-in Address Book backups or a built-in means to reverse actions with massive implications, like accidentally deleting a whole Address Book.

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      Can’t find a means to edit the original post. Just gon’ bump it with my update.
      (Edit: But apparently I can edit this one?? ?)

      Ended up biting the bullet and just redoing the progress I made on Google Contacts instead. I ended up discovering some interesting things: one that wasn’t immediately obvious, another that all together surprised me. Unfortunate that it had to be these circumstances, but nice that I came around to them nonetheless.

      I initially just imported the vcard before, but I ended up finding out that Cardbook can do the heavy lifting via. creating a Remote Address Book. That was a pleasant surprise that might end up making this whole debacle a blessing in disguise. I thought I would’ve had to do some hoop jumping that wasn’t worth it to make that happen ?.

      I made use of custom fields in my Google Contacts. No one seems to consistently translate Relations to other contact books yet, but  I noticed that Cardbook did a surprisingly good job of preserving custom fields. Google seems to have a consistent pattern toward establishing them: X-GOOGLE0, X-GOOGLE1, etc. I seem to also be able to edit their contents within Cardbook as well, and even apply them to other people who don’t have such specified yet. I get the feeling I shouldn’t push my luck with them, but it seems to gleam insight toward cross-platform compatible custom fields. If nothing else, if you want a custom field to transfer between Google and Cardbook, define it in the former for the most painless flow between the two possible.

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      Yeah, losing contacts is a traumatising experience …

      I had also hoped for some time that some automated backup would become available in CardBook, but I think it would be too complicated. In the end, CardBook is a client … and backups should be taken at source.

      No idea what offers for that are available with Google … my contacts are stored in a Nextcloud and I have found a good backup solution, see here:

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      sorry, there is no way in recovering them. The address book deletion is not an action that may be undone

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