Cardbook for Thunderbird

Cardbook for Thunderbird is an add-on that allows to manage all your contacts
under the CardDAV standard. It is developed by Philippe Vigneau.

By sticking strictly to the VCARD standard (in its most current versions), functionality of the service is assured for a large variety of server platforms, including Google. Syncing contacts between Thunderbird and any CardDAV-enabled device has never been more comfortable! This add-on enables an easy access to contacts anywhere.

The add-on features a large number of very useful functions, like customizable data fields, Phone number validation and unlimited categories, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, chat programs, URLs, calendar events per contact. And much more. Managing your contacts becomes a breeze!

Respect of privacy is taken very seriously by Cardbook for Thunderbird – data is only exchanged between Thunderbird and the chosen service provider. Data is strictly never shared with any third side. More on this subject in the Privacy Policy page.

The purpose of this website is to offer a forum for exchange with the developer.

Cardbook is published under the MPL2. The Mozilla page for the add-on is located here, and here is the changes log. The GitLab repository can be found here.

A Wiki has been started here – this is work in progress and contributions are welcome.

Troubleshooting starting page :